We offer a number of ways to outsource your service desk so that it meets your particular needs:

  • Dedicated on-site service desk, resourced by MITSS
  • Remote service desk, resourced by MITSS
  • Shared-service model. Off-site service desk resourced by staff from a wider shared-services centre.
  • Client-MITSS hybrid, resourced by a mixture of your resources and ours.

Whichever offering you choose you can be sure that you will get:

  • A service-desk staffed with experienced and knowledgeable technicians.
  • A resource model designed to manage demand peaks and troughs efficiently, without impacting customer satisfaction or service quality.
  • A single point of contact for all technical queries, requests and issues, both for users and IT staff.
  • Multiple access options: Phone, e-mail, portal and AI chatbot.
  • Clearly defined SLAs tailored to suit your requirements.
  • A ticket logging system tailored for your needs.
  • Background monitoring and reporting to ensure our service continues to meet your requirements, even if they change.

A note about integration

You’ll be glad to know that we can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure. For example, if you already have a ticket logging system implemented, we can incorporate our services into that. This will give your users and your management team full control of the tickets logged. Alternatively, we can manage this for you through our own solution.

What type of companies would benefit from outsourcing their service desk?

  • Businesses whose employees rely heavily on technology.
  • Organisations whose core business is not related to IT or service support.


Our service desk solution gives you the following benefits:

For your users
  • Reliable support within specific timeframes, based on service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Higher first-time fix rates thanks to experienced and skilled operators.
  • Complex issues resolved faster by specialists.
For your IT department
  • Specialist knowledge to complement existing IT skills within the department.
  • Ability to flex resources easily without recruitment and training costs.
  • Opportunity for in-house staff to learn from specialists.
For your business
  • Ability to flex support service resources easily without employment overheads.
  • Less employee downtime due to better first-time fix rates for IT issues.
  • Predictable costs based on the service contract agreed.