Service desks can also experience sudden surges in demand, either planned (e.g. after a large technology roll-out), or unplanned (e.g. following a major IT incident).

MITSS can help you to find a way to resource for any level of demand. We offer a guaranteed, fully staffed service desk capacity for every working day of the week, regardless of whether you have planned or unplanned absences, large project roll-outs or unexpected incidents.

We do this by reinforcing your service desk with our expert technicians, based within our own support centre. We provide two types of service:

  • Guaranteed service capacity: Additional resources each providing 7.5 hours of service within your core service hours.
  • Overflow capacity:Additional resources for when your service hits a peak in demand.

How we do this:

  • We assign one of our Transitional Support Analysts (TSAs) to your account, and they work with you to define a specific training plan and service matrix for your company.
  • Our TSA trains MITSS’ support function using the agreed training plan and service matrix, so you don’t have to.
  • Every now and then, we may ask our team of support staff to visit your service team. This helps build a unified team, and acts as a refresher on how your offices are set-up.

What type of companies would benefit from our service assurance offering?

  • Companies with high staff turnover and unplanned absences.
  • Organisations whose support staff often work on secondments or other projects.
  • Businesses who might need to quickly extend coverage hours or capacity at short notice.


Our service assurance offering gives you the following benefits:

For your users
  • Consistent and reliable support even during peak times.
For your IT department
  • Ability to increase capacity at short notice, so existing staff aren’t overstretched.
For your business
  • Flexible service support model without additional recruitment and training costs.