However, supporting users at their desks still has its place. A user might need hardware configured, or the service desk can’t remote onto a user’s machine. Or sometimes, users just need the personal touch and reassurance that comes from seeing someone face-to-face.

Accredited, experienced staff will support your users on-site, and they will work hard to get your users back to full productivity as soon as possible.

What type of companies would benefit from our desk-side support service?

  • Professional services organisations who rely heavily on complex technology e.g., financial services, insurance, legal, accountancy or consultancy.
  • Businesses whose users often have complex IT issues, or hardware problems.
  • Organisations whose users aren’t confident using technology.


Our desk-side support service gives you the following benefits:

For your users
  • Reassurance of face-to-face support.
  • End-to-end management of issues by MITSS resources.
  • Faster resolution of complex issues.
For your IT department
  • Quicker resolution of complex issues.
  • Freedom for your Service Desk to focus on issues they can be deal with remotely.
  • Higher customer satisfaction because complex issues are dealt with quickly.
For your business
  • Reduced employee downtime because of faster issue resolution.
  • Reassurance gained from an IT presence onsite.
  • Positive impact on employees, as they feel supported with IT issues.