Our SLA driven service offers you:

  • Easy access to 1st line IT support, 24/7, 365 days of the year
  • UK based operatives.
  • Multilingual operatives.
  • Major Incident Management.

Seamless integration

Before we implement our services, we work with you to make sure our technology aligns with yours, and that our resources have received a detailed service induction so they can fully support your users.

What type of companies would benefit from 24/7 service desk support?

  • Organisations with users who work long hours or shifts.
  • Companies whose employees often work remotely.
  • Businesses with users located in different time zones.


Our 24/7 service desk gives you the following benefits:

For your users
  • Access to IT support 24/7.
  • Confidence they can work flexibly, knowing support is always there.
For your IT department
  • Presence of core staff who can manage major incidents at any time.
  • Better distribution of calls as users won’t store issues until the next day.
For your business
  • Ability to offer flexible working opportunities, as employees will always have IT support.
  • Less downtime for employees, even if they have IT issues outside their core hours.