Managing your post lockdown office set-up

As lockdown is easing many businesses and offices are preparing to return staff to work from the middle of June, but one
excellent piece of advice is to not bring back all your staff in one go! Ideally your business should plan to bring back staff in
shifts and stagger their return with staff in key roles being asked to return first – the goal being to keep any initial health risks
for staff to the minimum.

MSPs – how to manage the return to work

For the last two months many employees of call centres, offices and businesses, have been equipped with a headset and laptop and have been working from their kitchen table or spare bedroom. Remote meetings have been held via Teams and Zoom and MSPs and IT teams have had to step up their VPNs to support safe remote working accross organisations over the whole country.

Coronavirus – how it could affect your business operations

According to the Financial Times “One-fifth of the UK workforce could be absent during “peak weeks” of the Coronavirus outbreak, according to the government’s “battle plan” for dealing with the virus. Measures such as school closures, a ban on mass gatherings and advice on working from home will be considered if the government moved from the “contain” to the “delay” stage of its plan.” How would your business cope if your staff were advised to work from home or be quarantined?

Cyber security in a new decade

We are all very much aware that the landscape within the IT industry can change overnight and there are a number of realities in the cyber world now that did not exist just a few years ago. Many businesses engaging the services of an MSP are looking for specialist advice in cyber security and a bespoke solution for their business.

Choosing the right IT services provider

Finding the right IT service provider for your company can be a challenge, but it is definitely worth thoroughly researching the market and seeing what each provider can offer you, as this will ultimately provide your business with enhanced staff functions, savings on costs and accelerated business growth. Our team at MITSS is happy to provide a friendly and free consultation at any time.

How AI is changing customer services

According to a recent report, 80% of all UK businesses will have a chatbot solution in place by the end of next year. The increase of the use of artificial intelligence and the accessibility to many businesses of disruptive technology means that many companies can now easily take their business to the next level with AI chatbots.

Outsource your IT for technology & innovation

When making the decision whether to use an IT managed service provider a business will need to look at issues involving technical innovation, staff efficiency, costs and service to the end-user.

The financial benefits of outsourcing your IT

If you haven’t thought about outsourcing your IT services until now to a Managed Service Provider, you may want to consider it, as it can have many financial benefits for your company.

The benefits of live chat for MSPs

In today’s highly pressured business world everyone is looking for an instant response and time is of the essence more than ever. Live chat could be the answer for many customer service based businesses, including MSPs, giving service desk staff the ability to support their users by providing real time responses to issues and questions.

Switching your IT provider made easy

Sometimes a business will stick with an IT services provider “for better or for worse” as they may be wary of the risk of switching to a new provider, i.e. the fear of the unknown. However, changing your IT services provider can be made easy and stress-free by following a few simple guidelines and preparing your business for the switch.

The top IT support issues

In the IT Support Services industry there is certainly a “top ten” for the most common technical support issues and how to resolve them, including the ever popular “switch it off, switch it on again”. Although this might cause a smile, it can sometimes prove to be the answer!