5 Reasons

to use managed services


Predictable costs:
IT maintenance and support costs are sometimes unpredictable. Outsourcing your support services allows you to plan your costs more easily.


Flexibility to scale up and down:
You can easily adjust the level of support you receive, without incurring additional costs and disruption from recruiting or making staff redundant.


A bespoke solution:
Instead of trying to make an out-of-the-box product work for you, specialists in service support will be able to build you a solution designed specifically for your business needs.


Efficiency and reliability:
Using an external provider on a performance-based contract will increase the focus on providing the most efficient and reliable service possible.


Specialist support:
By outsourcing IT support responsibilities, you benefit from specialist knowledge and advice that you may not have in house. Plus, management will have more time to focus on your core business.

Why Choose Mitss?

Specialist knowledge

As with many industries, technology and best-practice are evolving in the IT services industry at a rapid pace. And if you aren’t a specialist in that area, there may be a better, cheaper way of doing things which you don’t know about.

That’s where we come in. We live and breathe IT support, so we can help you find the best, and latest, solution for your company.

We also have detailed knowledge of Information Technology Infrastructure Library. frameworks, which we can use to design innovative operational support service and tools which really work for your business.


We have over four decades of combined experience successfully delivering IT support services across several sectors with high profile clients. Our experience in the banking, insurance, legal and financial services sectors is particularly strong.

Our specialists have expertly delivered outstanding support services to thousands of users across multiple sites, as well as considerable experience smoothly managing the process of outsourcing IT services to managed services.

Solutions which are right for your business

We are not big fans of out-of-the-box solutions as we find they rarely give companies what they need.

For us, it is all about how we can give you the best service for your organisation. That is why we work closely with you to understand what your real needs are and provide you with a solution tailored perfectly to you and no-one else.

A fair price for a fair service

It is not just about selling you something. We genuinely want to provide you the best service possible. And we don’t think you should pay an extortionate amount for it.

Instead, we work with you to find the most cost-effective way we can deliver a reliably great service that we can both be proud of.

An extension of your IT department

One of the most important aspects of using a managed service is finding a partner who will reliably deliver a first-rate service without causing disruption within your business.

When we partner with you, we integrate seamlessly into your organisation, so we are more like an extended branch of your IT department. That way, the user sees a consistency of service across all their IT needs, regardless of the parts we support.

Your problems are our problems

We care about how things are working for you. Because, we realise that when you succeed, we succeed too. So, if you come to us with an issue, we don’t rest until we’ve fixed it.